Conservatives Compete For The Most Offensive Paris Tweet Award (TWEETS)

Upon hearing the news of the tragedy in Paris via Twitter, I began to scour the network to find out what was happening. Instead of finding the news, I found a never-ending pool of ridiculous tweets.

Some of those tweets were already written about by my colleague Donna Robbins. But it’s as if they woke up the morning after and decided to compete to see who could tweet the most ridiculous and offensive messages possible.

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Fox News favorite “black face for the racist space” Sheriff Clarke thought that now was the best time to capitalize on this tragedy for political gain.Sheriff Clarke Tweet

Another Fox News favorite, Bill Kristol, woke up the morning after the Paris tragedy and thought that he could make the connection between the Clinton State Department and the 150+ people killed. Never mind the fact that he was one of the architects of the Iraq War, which directly led to the formation of ISIS.

Bill Kristol Tweet

This random “red-blooded American” thought she would pose for a close-up with her shotgun. I wonder if she knows that she is far more likely to kill herself with that gun than any terrorist.

Rebecca Diserio tweet

And you may recall Angela Box, the conservative shill who was eviscerated by the black activist, Quanel X, in a debate over the police assault of a child in a South Carolina classroom.angela box tweet

Once I realized who she was, I couldn’t help myself. Apparently, neither could she.

Ben Dixon Trolls Angela Box

And this is much of how the day after has gone. Those of us trying to find the news, connect with Parisians, and show our support were met with so much ridiculous-ness from conservatives that it had to be addressed.

As you may have already read, one of the journalists most directly responsible for the war in Iraq decided to use this to attack the protesters of University of Missouri.Judith Miller tweet

That didn’t go well after Deray McKesson responded in kind.
DeRay Slams Judith Miller tweet

The primary issue with all of these tweets is that they attempt to vilify over 1.5 billion people because of the actions of a small group while simultaneously absolving America from our responsibility in the chaos that directly led to the attack in Paris.

What’s more is that the same people who ramped America up to go to war in Iraq in 2003 are now using the same type of rhetoric and vitriol as those they were salivating at the chance to wage another war.

My natural inclination is revenge. I feel it on the tip of my tongue, ready to hunt down and execute every person that supports, aids or identifies directly with ISIS. And just as I felt that rage as events unfolded, another Tweet helped bring it into perspective:


Featured image via Twitter screen capture

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