Conservatives Brag That Trump’s Podium Is Taller Than Clinton’s, Hit New Level Of Stupidity

The followers of Donald Trump have reached new heights of pettiness after they gleefully passed along the news that the podiums the two candidates will be using at the debates are not the same size. For supporters of a candidate who is so insecure with his body that he once stopped the Republican primary debate to insist to Marco Rubio that he had a big penis, this larger podium was seen as saying…something.

ABC’s Rita Cosby decided to stoke the flames of idiocy further by snapping a photo of the podiums and pointing out the relative heights as if it were breaking news. She even marked the observation an “exclusive.”

The actual reason behind the podium sizes isn’t that exciting. The two candidates are different heights and so the podiums were made to accommodate each candidate and aid the cameras in framing the shots during the debate.

But in Republican land, it was treated as a major development…


IJ Review had an even dumber take.


Aside from the fact that Trump has been very self conscious about his tiny hands, there has always been the sense that he is overcompensating for something. He brags frequently about how tall his buildings are. On 9/11, as the Twin Towers came down, he told a radio station that his building was now the tallest one in Manhattan. He uses his bank account similarly. For years, he would call tabloids using a fake name to pass along fake stories about having sexual relationships with supermodels.

Now even podium size matters.

Anything for Trump’s supporters to avoid discussing the actual issues of who is the more qualified candidate.

Featured image via Twitter

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