Conservative Twitter Wails In Despair Over The Nomination Of Donald Trump (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz suspended his presidential campaign, killing both his ambitions and the hopes and dreams of the millions #NeverTrump on social media who believe Donald Trump is the harbinger of the GOP Apocolypse.

They sit and watch with horror and dismay as their party’s taken over by voters like the man in this video who absolutely destroyed Ted Cruz in a street debate.

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The Trump supporter’s words proved prophetic as Trump defeated Cruz in Indiana by almost 20 points. Cruz’s defeat began a long chorus of conservative wailing, lamenting the end of the GOP and the beginning of POT (Party Of Trump).

Quite a few conservatives believe that Trump’s nomination will ensure Hillary’s victory in November. They also seem to take bitter satisfaction in looking forward to telling Trump supporters “I told you so” on November 7th.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is a man who’s arguably the most committed anti-Trump Republican in America. His hatred for Ted Cruz was well documented before becoming one of the few Senators to endorse the Texas senator. Graham never hid the fact that the only reason he was supporting Cruz was to stop Donald Trump.

The South Carolina Senator even once compared voting for Cruz to taking poison and voting for Trump to getting shot. However, on Tuesday, Graham realized that he not only drank poison and gained nothing but soon he may also have to pull the trigger in November. He sent out this epic tweet.

Featured image mashup via dcwhispers and Screengrab via YouTube.

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