Conservative Twitter Sexists Rush To B*tch About Hillary’s Age: ‘Dust Qu**fs’ (SCREENSHOTS)

Did you know Hillary Clinton is old? Neither did we, but apparently age is the new “black” when it comes to the woman who will likely succeed Barack Obama as President. In the wake of Clinton’s unsurprising announcement that she is prepared to trounce any and all challengers who stand in her path toward becoming the first female President, conservatives have rushed to Twitter to unload the absolute best ammunition they have: Hillary Clinton is old.

Sure, Clinton is up in years (and brings with her the experience of those years)but at 68, she is nowhere near as old as former GOP front-runner John McCain, who is 78. Nor is she any older than 68-year-old Mitt Romney. Conservative hero Ronald Reagan was 69 — the same age Clinton will be when she assumes the mantle of President — when he took office.

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Despite these inconvenient facts, the Right is obsessed with Clinton’s age. Conveniently ignoring that many male Republicans were near Clinton’s age when they ran for (or held) office, a horde of vapid, right-wing imbeciles cast forth a cavalcade of disgusting remarks directed at Clinton — they even managed to work in a little racism! (Bonus points if you spot it):

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As classy as “Dust Queef” is, perhaps the Right should focus on bolstering their arguments — perhaps, even doing a little bit of research to back their ridiculous assertions.

Perhaps it is time for a new conservative movement that does not rely on the most unreliable cable news network, Fox News, which leaves its viewers actually knowing less than those who watch absolutely no news at all.

Maybe, just maybe, the Right will finally hit rock bottom and evolve into a real movement with real ideas — you know, besides ‘women belong in the kitchen,’ or ‘black people shouldn’t vote.’

Unfortunately, conservatives don’t believe in evolution — and there is absolutely no limit to human stupidity.

It’s probably better to just assume that we’ll be seeing “dust queefs” bumper stickers prominently displayed where those reading,  “Don’t re-nig in 2012” used to be — if conservatives have bothered to remove them, that is.

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