Conservative Rag Spreads Islamaphobia To 1.4 Million Ignorant Morons (IMAGES AND VIDEOS)

The right-wing nutjob online rag called The Conservative Tribune has decided to wage a war against a non-existent enemy in the United States — Sharia Law.

Sharia Law is the body of Islamic law. The term means “way” or “path”; it is the legal framework within which the public and some private aspects of life are regulated for those living in a legal system based on Islam.

Conservative Tribune and its 1.4 million fans spend an enormous amount of time combating the establishment of Sharia Law in the US.  They’ve applauded the state legislature of North Carolina for officially banning Sharia from their state, and want all the other states to follow suit:

The state of North Carolina has taken a step that many other states have taken to ensure that the US Constitution and the constitution of the state are the laws that are applied in courts, not the laws of any foreign cultures.

The ‘issue’ they’re using to claim a victory over Sharia Law is a bill in North Carolina that would prohibit state judges to take foreign laws into consideration when deciding a case, typically a family court case.

They cite that there have been more than 50 cases in the US where a judge has ruled that Sharia Law supersedes state law.

This is, of course, completely false.  In every case in which a foreign law is cited, judges rule that foreign precedent can’t be overruled because a person moves here.  For example, if someone is granted a divorce settlement under UK law, that decree can’t be overturned by a U.S. court.  If a father is granted custody of his children under Sharia Law in a foreign country because the wife cheated on him, that custody stands in the US until the wife can prove the father unfit under state or federal law.

The idiots at Conservative Tribune have twisted the facts, go figure, and made a non-issue into yet another reason to spread Islamophobia to its base of ignorance:

The NC bill’s authors hope to have avoided that problem by making the language of the bill so that it applies to any foreign laws, not specifically mentioning Sharia.

Of course they didn’t mention Sharia Law.  The bill, which is nothing more than a Republican hate-fest that intends to frighten people into believing foreign laws can be used against them, is worthless.  A similar bill in Oklahoma was shot down by a federal judge because it “discriminated against a certain religion without a compelling state interest.”

The Conservative Tribune, in the 3 days prior to this article, has managed to post nearly a dozen articles about Sharia Law, President Obama loving muslims and supporting terrorists, and even a former Navy Seal tossing a Koran on the ground and making a fool of himself speaking at a Tea-bigot convention.

Just imagine how much insanity they’ve spread in an entire year.  Here are some screenshots of their Facebook posts along with some thoughts.  Please feel free to hit the comments with a bit of logic and reason.

 Claims that school lunches must comply with Sharia Law are just plain stupid.


Are you kidding?  The issue was brought up because a girl who is a vegan wanted vegan options at school.  The law in question would require schools to do their best to accommodate ALL students, providing meals that are acceptably vegan, Kosher and Halal.


Thomas Jefferson went to war with Muslims so why won’t Obama?



I guess they haven’t heard about the US confronting Syria over racial cleansing or the ongoing battle with ISIS in Iraq.  It doesn’t matter, all you have to do is mention Thomas Jefferson and conservatives will start waving their Gadsden flags from their front porches.


The Daily Caller says the Obama Administration is secretly working on a plan to help terrorists — so it MUST be true!



There is absolutely nothing to indicate that this is true.  The FBI, which falls under the President’s Executive Authority, didn’t have any evidence that CAIR was involved in terrorist funding, but they are listed as unindicted co-conspirators in a terrorist funding case.  If the President wanted to defy the FBI he wouldn’t need to try to do anything, he’d send a memo or sign an executive order.

Click this half-picture of a stupid sign and you will learn…absolutely nothing!



Yeah, don’t bother.  It says “Sharia Law Threatens America.”  No, no it doesn’t.  Remember that definition of Sharia Law?  “It is the legal framework within which the public and some private aspects of life are regulated for those living in a legal system based on Islam.”

There’s this thing called the first amendment that guarantees that government will make no law respecting the establishment of religion.  In order to enact Muslim law, the first amendment will need to be repealed.

Not gonna happen so try not to be so dumb. Never mind — they can’t.


OMG!  Congressman sits on panel with a guy who was never charged with what we’re accusing him of.  Muslim terrorist in congress!!!


This is what qualifies as breaking news.  A Muslim congressman, on a panel to answer questions at a Muslim convention, was joined by the leader of the group holding the convention.

He is obviously a terrorist.  Which one?  They’re both Muslims, so both of them.

Mazen Mokhtar was accused by the Washington Post of running a website that funneled money to the Taliban.  That was in 2004, when being a Muslim made you guilty of “being against us.”  Nothing ever came of it, but some research assistant who Googled his name after seeing him on a panel with a congressman found the story, so now that congressman is “hanging out and working with” a Muslim terrorist.

Yes, something that thin is really all it takes.


Vice Presidential Candidate Wayne Allen Root (who?) wrote an op-ed claiming Obama is waging jihad.  Run!!!!!!


Wayne Allen Who Cares said…Nah, never mind…Nobody cares.


No.  Way.  Congress just bowed down to Allah.  Nobody bowed, and the Imam repeatedly referred to Allah as ‘God’, but…Muslim…Congress…TERRORISTS!!!!


A Muslim Imam was asked by a congressman to be the guest chaplain and say a prayer before the House of Representatives started their day.

Really, that’s it.  There is literally nothing else to report on this.


Ha!  A Navy Seal just called Obama a terrorist and threw the Koran on the floor.  So take THAT!


Proof positive that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to join the Navy Seals.  This guy makes a complete fool of himself, disrespects the Muslim holy book and makes accusations that are so stupid you won’t believe your ears.

The difference between liberals and conservatives is pretty easy to see when you consider sites like this.  Sensational claims that lead to blase’ stories don’t matter when people don’t need to read past the headline.

All the modern day conservative needs is something to share  so they can comment “Obama is a Muslim” and they’re perfectly happy. So sad.

All articles and images are public posts on The Conservative Tribune Facebook Page.

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