Conservative Panelist On GOP’s Nomination Of Trump: ‘This Party Is Coming To Cleveland To Die’ (VIDEO)

It should be stated that not everyone in the Republican Party is happy with the nomination of Trump and his VP pick, Pence. One of those who is decidedly unhappy about it and unwilling to swallow the party line is Ben Domenech, from The Federalist, who while sitting in on Sunday’s “Face the Nation” flatly refused to accept the Party spin.

That’s right, kind folks of the Internet, it’s time for another round of “Republican Civil War!”

The Party of Donald Trump

The Republican establishment has all but accepted Donald Trump as their nominee; he won, and the people who voted for him voiced their opinions, however destructive and misinformed those opinions were.

But there are still a few holdouts, and they were the focus of the discussion on this week’s “Face the Nation,” when Matt Schlapp from the American Conservative Union insisted that VP Mike Pence was going to unite the Republican Party.

How so? Well, according to Schlapp, the people that were in the #NeverTrump category are apparently tempered by T&P. He swore that he had “anecdotal evidence” of this happening across the country.

Now, if you’re of the mind he confused the phrases “anecdotal evidence” and “wishful thinking,” you’re not alone. Ben Domenech, of The Federalist, stepped in and laid the facts out, not only insisting that Schlapp was wrong, but that Pence’s pick isn’t going change that the Republican Party is now the Party of Trump.

A hundred and fifty years ago this party was begun by Abraham Lincoln on the idea that Constitutional rights were not bound by race or creed. That the American eagle’s wings were broad enough to accept all that would come here. Now, this party is coming to Cleveland to die.

Domenech continued:

This is not the party of Abraham Lincoln anymore. It is the party of Donald Trump. It has traded statesmanship for xenophobia. It has traded free markets for protectionism. It has traded the higher principles of our better angels for the belief in party identity politics. That is why they are getting zero percent of the black vote in Pennsylvania. That is why you’re going to continue to see this kind of race-baiting approach to politics. I think it’s completely true that this is the end of the party of Lincoln.

Hard truth. Truth that Schlapp and others in the establishment don’t want to hear. Interrupting, Schlapp declared that Domenech was repeating what the “Washington, DC Beltway elite” are saying. You know, the same “Washington, DC Beltway elite” Pence is a member of.

Schlapp noted that the record number of Trump supporters “love their country and they simply want to take it back.”

Take it back from who? At least with liberals you get an explanation — Wall Street, the Military-Industry complex, big money in politics — but with conservatives, you never get a straight answer. Just who the hell are they taking the country back from? Moneyed interests? The capitalist class? Mewtwo?

I mean, I already know the answer. They’re taking it back from Urban Americans, from Black Americans, from Hispanic Americans and from women. They’re taking it back from disabled Americans, from Muslim and Jewish Americans, and from liberal Americans. They’re taking it back from educated Americans who don’t toe the party line, from liberal Christian Americans, and from the poorest Americans who refuse to accept their unfairly dealt lot in life without complaint.

They’re taking it back from Americans who are single mothers, or gay, lesbian, and transsexual. They’re taking it back from Americans who’ve had an abortion, and from American doctors who agree that abortion is a positive thing. They’re taking it back from the American people who want to improve and not destroy our public services, and who want to make it a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, instead of a government of the privileged, by the privileged, and for the privileged.

You know, they’re taking it back from the people who’ve just started to make real social gains as being treated like people instead of objects within the last 80 or so years of the 12,000-year span of human civilization, in many cases.

Domenech agreed, though, noting that Trump’s supporters “are desperate for change” and “They are desperate for something different than the elites who have failed them for far too long. But they have turned in their desperation to a man who they don’t fully understand and who’s not going to deliver on his promises.”

Oh no. They fully understand what they’re in for, and they welcome it.

Watch the interview below:


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