Conservative ‘News’ Site Names President Obama ‘Muslim Of The Year’

WorldNetDaily, a right-wing conservative media outlet that pushes every conspiracy theory imaginable, recently let birther attorney Larry Klayman write a Christmas-inspired article naming President Obama 2015’s “Muslim of the Year,” a contrast to Politifact’s Lie of the Year.

With a mocked-up rendition of a Time Magazine cover, Klayman writes that “No other Muslim has done as much, particularly given his power as president of the United States, to further Allah’s goal of a Christian and Jew-free world.”

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Klayman's mock cover of President Obama

Klayman’s mock cover of President Obama winning ‘Muslim of the Year’

Klayman writes in his hate-filled article:

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and rejoice in the greatness of His and the Father’s universe, we turn to the New Year. A traditional ritual is reflecting on the past year, and as Time Magazine does, anointing the most prominent person of 2015. Indeed, 2015 has been for all practical purposes the “Year of the Muslim.” So I will satirically recognize the most influential “Muslim of the Year,” someone who has cleverly through various means, radically changed the world order and most furthered the Islamic caliphate based on the death of all infidels to Allah … it was revealed that the prize was, in reality, meant for our own supreme leader, Barack Hussein Obama.

Klayman continued, even bringing up racist darling Donald Trump:

Indeed, Obama can issue all the Christmas messages he falsely utters to the American people and the world – pretending to be a Christian for political expediency, subterfuge and dastardly cover – but after seven years of his presidency, “We the People” are no longer fooled. You do not have to be Donald Trump to see reality at this point.

Klayman, a former attorney with the Department of Justice, is notorious for filing multiple lawsuits against multiple public figures, including Mark Zuckerberg, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, Rachel Maddow, and 18 lawsuits against Bill and Hillary Clinton (almost all of which were dismissed). Klayman has also sued the Obama Administration for:

So no wonder Klayman is so bitter – he can’t beat President Obama politically, so he’ll reduce himself to childish behavior on wingnut conspiracy sites.

That’s what the modern conservative movement is all about. Their ideas suck, they can’t beat the ones they hate in court or the ballot box, so they become childish demagogues hell-bent on making themselves look stupid to appease their equally stupid base. Even if he was a Muslim, who cares! If he were, I would agree with this decision.

Klayman’s call to action at the end is the best:

I can go on and on, but space limitations “limit” me from providing even more proof why this most regrettable and dangerous commander in chief deserves the award of “Muslim of the Year.” While the embedded Time Magazine cover is parody and satire, the real-world facts behind this are not. And, the consequences are potentially deadly for Christians (and Jews and other non-Muslims) this Christmas! Let us put our faith in Jesus and the Father to again save us all!

Good luck with that. Republicans have been praying for a divine intervention to “take care” of President Obama for seven years now. I don’t think God’s listening to them.

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