Conservative Leader Begs Republicans To Vote For Hillary

James K. Glassman is one of the right’s thought leaders. He worked for the American Enterprise Institute and pushes laughably bad conservative economic theories. He’s a staunch supporter of the Republican Party and he took to the pages of the New York Times to beg his fellow Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton:

“Every day, I run into Republican friends who can’t stomach a vote for Donald J. Trump but don’t know what to do. Vote for Hillary Clinton, who has trouble with the truth, wants to raise taxes and opposes free trade with Asia? Vote for the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, an outlier who once ran a marijuana business and embraces isolationism? Or not vote at all, maintaining a certain purity but allowing others to decide the next president?

Through much trial and error, I learned that this is, whether we like it or not, an election between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton, period. And that means that if you want to stop Mr. Trump, you have no choice but to vote for Mrs. Clinton. There’s no sitting this one out.
I almost feel bad for Glassman. It’s got to be tough to look at your two options for president and realize that the Democrat most despised by the right is infinitely superior to your own candidate.”

You reap what you sow

But, not for nothing, AEI has spent a lot of time pushing right-wing economic and social theories based on pure nonsense and racism. Now that the seeds of that dishonesty have resulted in the perfect storm of lunacy and white supremacy, Glassman has a serious case of buyer’s remorse.

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Still, he’s not actually wrong when he says, “If you think Mr. Trump is so lacking in experience and judgment that he shouldn’t have his finger on the nuclear trigger, then you are saying he is not just a bad candidate; you are saying he is a threat to the nation. You have an obligation to defeat him, no matter what you think of Mrs. Clinton.”

This is a point all rational people can agree upon. Trump’s willingness, his eagerness, to use nuclear weapons should make it a simple choice. But Hillary Hatred runs deep in a lot of people and it’s blinded them to the very real threat that Donald Trump represents.

Glassman, perhaps too late, has come to this unpleasant realization. And even then I think he’s too optimistic about what a loss for Trump would mean:

“Defeating Mr. Trump soundly will help save the Republican Party. If he wins, a party built on freedom and internationalism will become entrenched as a party of authoritarianism and isolation, which means that within a few years it will atrophy and die.”

I think it’s far worse than that. I truly believe that if Trump does not lose by ENOUGH, Republicans will learn nothing from his defeat and double down on the toxic white nationalism Trump’s entire campaign is predicated on.

Hopefully, Glassman’s plea, “Don’t just say you won’t vote for him. Vote against him” will be heard loud and clear among Republican voters disgusted by what their party has become.

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