Laura Ingraham Just Did The ONE Gesture The GOP Was Hoping Wouldn’t Happen At The RNC (VIDEO)

So far the GOP Convention in Cleveland can be described thusly: Hate! Fear! Be afraid! I’m great! She’s icky. Hate, fear, more hate, more fear, cops, flag, I’m rich, be scared, lies are gold… Oh, and brown people! Yes, it’s a biohazard level three sh*tshow and it’s only getting worse.

Case in point, conservative talk show host (as if we don’t have enough) Laura Ingraham. 

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Following the formula of Republicans being “bomb everyone” jingoistic nativists, conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham delivered a speech chock-full of dog whistles for the ill-informed minds at the RNC. But it wasn’t so much her quintessentially conservative speech that has everyone up in arms, bur rather what she did with her own arms.

No need to adjust your screen’s resolution; that is indeed Ingraham giving what appears to be the Nazi salute before folding it into a wave. A Getty photographer caught an even more stunning visual of the moment.

For the longest time, we have been speculating that Donald Trump is taking the path of a certain German Fuhrer, so the GOP was frantically hoping to get away from that narrative in Cleveland. Ingraham, a woman fanatical in her support of Trump, just inadvertently gave Democrats and America one VERY uncomfortable snapshot as to why they should be afraid. Couple this imagery with Trump’s recent anti-Semitic tweets scandal and you’ve got a dangerous mix.

Watch her entire speech below:

Featured image via Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

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