Conservative Facebook Group Advocates Hanging President Obama

Apparently there are 1,300 conservatives who openly advocate for the murder of President Obama.

The page, called ‘Arrest Convict and Hang OBAMA’ (grammar isn’t their forte), has a following of 1,302 “patriots” and says in its description:

This man NEVER attended Columbia University. This man was and still is a CIA operative like his mother and maternal grandparents .All of his documents have been locked out of sight. He is not an American citizen. Obama is a marxist.
Again, grammar is not these fools’ forte. The page has posted numerous conspiracy riddled articles, mostly from InfoWars, an organization founded by Sandy Hook “truther” Alex Jones. Some articles have “exposed” the “truth,” that Pope Francis is a communist, and others have listed the 38 reasons that “prove” President Obama is a Muslim.
One article claims that five Chinese warships have been spotted invading Alaska while China’s president meets with the Obama’s at the White House. They’ve also shared videos of the President of the John Birch Society advocating against refugees.

They’ve even gone so far as to call First Lady Michelle Obama a “ghetto skank.”

We get it. The supporters of this page are right-wing fanatical nut jobs. However, when they aren’t spewing regurgitated talking points that are blatantly false, their comments on how President Obama should die are the most disturbing.

A member of the page Bryce Gipple offered this bit of genius:

Hey, if Obama is captured, I will gladly get the noose ready, and pull the lever.

And fellow racist page fan Dave Prado made this brilliant suggestion:

The bastard is is a very sick wussy guy needs electro shock.

I’m sure these people are goodhearted, God-fearing “Christians.” After all, all of the really psychotic conservatives seem to be.

More importantly, someone should get the secret service to check these psychopaths out.

Featured Image via Facebook screen capture

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