Conservaderp™ On Mass Shootings: Guns Don’t Kill People, Obamacare Does (VIDEO/OP-ED)

One of the Tea Party’s favorite websites and Facebook pages is, Right Wing News. The left recognizes it for what it is: a useless partisan political blog that posts some of the stupidest sh*t on the internet, but the right completely believes every piece of nonsense they post.


Stupid Meme

Trying to bring new meaning to WTF, Right Wing News posted this meme. Jan 6th, 2013

Over half a million people have shared this hideous monstrosity of false equivalency. It is still being shared, today, by staunch, hard-core right wingers, who have nothing left to base their hatred of the ACA and our President on, but this engineered apples to oranges bullsh*t.

WTF meme has been shared over half a million times. Screen capture.

WTF meme has been shared over half a million times. Screen capture.

A false equivalency is when you say that because two things are similar in one way they are similar in all ways. In this case, the meme is arguing that since all things listed have caused death, then the ACA might kill you.

Why? Well, because the ACA is related to doctors, who are related to medical malpractice, so if doctors are related to weapons through deaths caused by malpractice, then the ACA can kill you. Ok, that was difficult to follow, because if you have the ability to comprehend logic, this can not be followed to any logical conclusion.

There are days I really feel that most right wingers can be “saved” from their ignorance by facts and information, but then this kind of thing crosses my radar and I end up with a black eye from shaking my head so hard.

This meme is intellectually offensive to anyone with half a brain and yet, “intelligent” conservatives will proudly present it during an argument as if it makes a valid and important point.

I guess it kind of does make a valid and important point, if you really think about it. If you are presented with this meme — or one like it — you will know, without a doubt, that the person you are arguing with has a very bad case of an acute lack of logical thought.

In other words: this is not an argument you are going to win, because you are fighting someone who is literally tilting at windmills with a spaghetti noodle.

For the next time you are struck dumb by something this asinine, use this video to explain what a false equivalency is to the nutcase you are arguing with — then ignore them so you can preserve your own mental health:


Feature image via screen capture from Facebook

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