Connecticut Gov Chops Up ‘Bigot’ Indiana Gov – And ‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough, Too – In A Priceless Interview (VIDEO)

After its recently-enacted legislation, Indiana may need to be renamed Indi-BAN-a, as Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy just joined the list of officials who banned government-funded travel to the Hoosier State. And the day after he signed that executive order, Malloy made no bones about calling Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” exactly what it is: “homophobic.”

And as for its governor, who quickly signed the Act into law? Malloy offered:

(Mike Pence) is not a stupid man, but he’s done stupid things. And signing this into law and, quite frankly, promoting this law, knowing exactly what it was going to do, was an incredibly stupid thing for him to do.

Making its discriminatory purpose quite clear was the Act’s signing, Malloy said, pointing out that well-known rightwingers – Curt Smith, Micah Clark, and Eric Miller – stood near Pence at that event.

There were three homophobic men standing alongside the governor. One of them [Curt Smith] had equated being gay with bestiality. That’s who (Pence) invited to the signing ceremony. He knew exactly what he was doing. And when you see a bigot you have to call him on it.

Malloy also pointed out significant differences between Indiana’s “Religious Freedom” law and those of 20 other states.

These laws are different. . . (They) do not say to a company ‘you can discriminate. You can refuse to serve someone. You can refuse to allow them into your business.’ This law in Indiana was promoted to do exactly that.

Show host Joe Scarborough, who once served three terms as Republican representative of his Florida congressional district, tried to challenge the governor’s assertions, even with claims that Indiana’s law is liberal in wordage compared to Connecticut’s.

Malloy’s responses are not only corrective of Scarborough’s statements, but may have been issued in a somewhat simple-talk format, as well, just to make sure “Morning Joe” could understand. Watch the interview below:

Malloy joins Washington’s Gov. Jay Inslee in blocking any state-funded travel to Indiana. Inslee’s order was preceded by a similar one from Seattle’s Mayor Ed Murray. Many companies, including Apple, Subaru, and Angie’s List, have spoken against the new law. Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard recently issued executive order to uphold the city’s human rights ordinance over the new state Act, as well.

H/T: MSNBC | Image: Snipped from “Morning Joe


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