Congressman John Dingell Wins Caucus Night, Trolls Ted Cruz With These AMAZING Tweets

Former Congressman John Dingell, a Democrat from Michigan, hands-down won caucus night over a series of tweets directed at Ted Cruz, who won the Republican’s side with 28 percent of the vote followed by Donald Trump’s 25 percent.

A little bit of background knowledge. On caucus night in 2008, Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee won (McCain got fourth), and failed to clinch the nomination. In 2012, Rick Santorum won (Romney got second) but failed to clinch the nomination. Que John Dingell’s very relevant, extremely hilarious tweet:

Cruz’s victory came as somewhat of a shock to voters who anticipated a Trump victory, seeing that the billionaire mogul had been steadily leading in the polls for months, only to dwindle in the coming weeks as the Texas Senator surpassed him in a handful of polls.

Dingell, however, wasn’t done obliterating the Republican party in his Dingellsque fashion:

The former Congressman, who served from 1955 to 2015, has become world famous for his tweets which are laced with quick wit and lampoon Republicans and their twisted ideology, such as this gem from four days ago:

And this one:

After serving in that hell hole called Washington DC for 60 years (longest in Congressional history) and keeping a certain decorum, it must feel nice to finally sit back in retirement and say how you really feel. No wonder they call Dingell the “Dean of Twitter.” The 89-year-old Congressman reminds us that no mater how old we are or where we come from, it’s always good to hold onto a sense of humor and tell it like it is.

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