Congress: No Paid Leave For You, 255 Paid Days Off For Us In 2016

Congress’ 2016 calendar is out and it’s sure to piss off any taxpayer who actually works for a living because, for the most part, Congress won’t work next year. Well, they will, but on average, only about two days a week.

The calendar is set by the House Majority Leader and the current Majority Leader is Tea Party nutter butter Kevin McCarthy – you know, the one who lost the Speakership because of an alleged alliance with a colleague.

He’s still in Congress, though, and he’s all but ensuring that they will do even less next year than they did in 2015. They will only work 110 days in 2016. That’s fewer days than most people take off during the year. In 2015, they will have worked a whopping 133 days.

Mediaite put together a list of some of the days off and they’d be funny if our country wasn’t at stake:

All of August and October – That’s right, they will be off for two entire months. They are all running for reelection, so that explains October, but does the air conditioning not work in the Capitol? Is that why they’re taking August off?

Paul Ryan’s birthday – We know Ryan wants his family time. I guess the entire House will get their family time on January 29th as well.

Election Day – I won’t begrudge them that, but what about making it a national holiday?

The day after the Super Bowl – Hey, most Americans have to work through their tears and hangovers.

President’s Day – Presidents don’t even get to take President’s Day off, do they?

Valentine’s Day – Bad move. Will they spend the day with their wives or their mistresses (or misters)? It’s better to send flowers from the safety of the Capitol building.

The week of Memorial Day – Because nothing says “remember those who gave their lives in service” than refusing to give a week in service.

You’d be right if you said that didn’t total 255 days off. There are more, including Groundhog Day, Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, etc.

If you think I’m making this up – that Congress can’t be this lazy – you can download the entire calendar here. I don’t recommend reading it, but if you do, the blue days are the days they work.

Featured image via Kevin McCarthy tweet. 

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