Congress’ Approval Rating Down To Almost Single Digits – They’ll Still Win Next Year

Regardless of party, race, gender or whatever divides the American people, we are in agreement over one thing: Congress sucks. Their latest approval ratings are so dismal that even cockroaches and root canals are beating them out.

According to the latest Gallup poll, only 11 percent of Americans think Congress is doing a good job. That 11 percent either thinks Dwight Eisenhower is still President or they’re just too damned polite to say what they really feel.

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Believe it or not, Congress is not at their all-time low point. That came in 2013, when Congress shut down the government and even that was within the margin of error of the latest poll.

Democrats are more popular than Republicans, but not by much. Republicans are at just 8 percent approval while Democrats are at a whopping 11 percent and Independents at 13 percent.

President Obama, on the other hand, has seen his approval rating rise to almost 50 percent. That might not sound that great, but we can’t even get 50 percent of Americans to agree on a dress color.

When Congress’ approval rating was down to just 9 percent, Public Policy Polling compared them to many of the things we hate. They found that then (and yes, now), Congress was less popular than cockroaches, used car salesman, colonoscopies, root canals, traffic jams and even Nickelback. Justin Bieber wasn’t part of that report, but even he beat out Congress.

Still, despite the fact that our do-nothing Congress has been taken over by Paul (Grandma should starve) Ryan, and the fact that they will be working only 110 days next year, most of them will still be reelected next year. Between gerrymandering and the fact that most Americans can’t be bothered to get off their you-know-whats and vote, the approval rating is irrelevant. We’ll still have a Congress who refuses to represent the needs of the American people.

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