Comey Sources Are Speaking Out; He Was Fired For Two Reasons And They Are Both Frightening (VIDEO)

Days after testifying in front of Congress and after requesting more resources for the Russian investigation, FBI Director James Comey was fired on Tuesday night, effective immediately.

The Trump administration is blaming Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton emails, which makes no sense whatsoever because Trump loved Comey’s handling of the emails in October. Trump tried to make the case that he fired Comey for being mean to Hillary Clinton, but even the most rabid Trump supporters have to acknowledge that his “Lock Her Up,” slogan is completely incompatible with Trump’s given rationale.

It doesn’t take a tin foil conspiracy theorist to imagine that the real reason for the Comey firing is that he was getting too close to the truth in investigating Trump’s Russia connections. NPR imagines even more scenarios, like the fact that Comey was becoming too big and was stepping on poor little Donnie’s ego. It’s becoming more and more likely though, that there were just two reasons Comey was fired and both of them should scare the hell out of you.

According to two sources that CNN is calling “close to Comey,” the two reasons Comey was fired were:

  1. Comey never provided the President with any assurance of personal loyalty.
  2. The fact that the FBI’s investigation into possible Trump team collusion with Russia in the 2016 election was accelerating.

#2 confirms everything we’ve been assuming since the news broke Tuesday night. #1, though, while not at all surprising, is almost more frightening. Trump had to have approached Comey at some point, demanding his loyalty. That’s third-rate Banana Republic dictator crap. It makes one wonder just how many people have had to make an oath of loyalty, not to the Constitution, but to Trump. Maybe it’s just the people who might have damaging goods on the administration or maybe it’s every single person in his administration, which could explain why hundreds of jobs still remain unfilled within the Executive Branch.

Loyalty oaths or no loyalty oaths, the Trump administration’s charade when it comes to the handling is quickly coming unraveled. It likely won’t be long before Comey, and not just sources close to him, are speaking out — and perhaps speaking to Congress.

Featured image via Zach Gibson/Getty Images

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