Comedy Writer’s Hilarious Orange Skittle Meme Upends Donald Trump Jr’s Bigot Bowl (TWEETS)

Donald Trump Jr. recently released a bigoted, hateful meme designed to stir up anti-refugee sentiments with Nazi-style tactics comparing refugees to “poisoned” Skittles. Dave Mandel, a writer for Seinfeld and the famous Saturday Night Live, has created the perfect response to Jr’s disgusting low-blow against the human beings suffering in Syria and many other places.

Here is the original meme:

The backlash was swift, and many memes came out immediately repudiating the hateful stupidity of the meme. The best, of all, is this one:

Mandel’s credits include being an excutive producer of Veep, and a writer on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, and SNL. After this meme, his credits may well include meme-smith and political analyst (he seems to have this race nailed down, anyway).

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There are many memes out there rebutting the hateful and simplistic rhetoric of Trump Jr’s comparison. Hell, the candy company itself released a statement strongly condemning the “inappropriate analogy.” The Trump campaign didn’t seem to see a problem, actually speaking out in support of the meme. (Why would they? The nationalists supporting the campaign are totally “eating this up.”)

It shouldn’t need to be said, but Skittles are still just candy (delicious candy at that). The poison is in the rhetoric and it is leaching out of the Trump campaign like toxic slime from a rusted, orange, barrel.

Featured image via Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

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