Watch: Comedian Says American Selfishness Is The REAL Reason They Hate Refugees (VIDEO)

Nicole Arbour is a comedian whose videos have been known to tick a few people off and this latest one is no exception.

Arbour is well known for her “hard to swallow” comical approach when addressing serious issues. So, it’s no surprise she took on the real issues behind some Americans not wanting to help the Syrian refugees.

The refugees aren’t coming here to vacation. They are trying to escape a war zone and get themselves and their children to safety. Isn’t that what you would do if your home was attacked? I’m pretty sure you would get to a safe place and hope someone with an ounce of humanity will help? So why are Syrian refugees being treated as criminals and less than human in their time of need?

Sadly, one of the first rules we learn as children has completely escaped some of us: sharing.

That’s right, Arbour pokes fun at people not wanting to share “their resources” with the refugees. Seriously? Those who don’t want to share their resources need to realize two things. First of all, if you didn’t create it yourself, it’s not yours. Yup, the land, the water and the air, not yours to claim because you didn’t make it. And don’t give me that tired ass excuse,”Our Ancestors founded this land,” because they didn’t. They stole it and enslaved the true founders, but that’s a whole other article. Secondly, you’ve never needed someone to share with you? Exactly, so let’s not forget the Golden Rule.

Treat others as you would want to be treated.

Yup, it’s that simple. Ever needed a ride somewhere and someone was kind enough to give it to you? Did you steal their car? Ever have to borrow a buck or two because you fell short at the register? Did you steal their wallet?

My point, and Nicole’s is that when you needed help, you simply took the help and nothing more. Assuming that the refugees are going to rob you blind makes you a selfish asshat. I’ve also heard people use their safety as a poor excuse to ban Syrian refugees. While I understand the want to stay safe, let’s not blame a group of people who haven’t done anything but ask for help.


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