Comedian Denis Leary Slams Trump’s Bigotry And False Patriotism Following 9/11

During an interview with the Daily Beast, comedian and actor Denis Leary happily took some shots at Donald Trump. Leary, a man who performed a comedy album called No Cure for Cancer, is therefore pretty savvy when it comes to the cancer that is Donald Trump. Leary knocked Trump for making his campaign all about fear and bigotry, as well as exploiting the memory of 9/11 for political gain.

We all know how much Trump has exploited the memory of 9/11, including claiming he saw Muslims cheering when it NEVER happened. Obviously, any exploitation of 9/11 is going to enrage Leary, a man deeply involved in New York and Boston charities that support first responders. In fact, Leary has distributed millions of dollars through his Leary Firefighters Foundation and the Fund for New York’s Bravest. So when he hears the cocksplat that is Donald Trump misrepresent 9/11, he reverts back to the angry 90s comic.

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I think he’ll basically do anything to get the spotlight, Leary explained. Trump will take advantage of whatever the situation, the cause, or the event might be. Where was he before this? I’ve been downtown forever and been to a lot of 9/11 Memorial events—the 5th anniversary, the 10th anniversary, others—and I don’t remember seeing Donald Trump there once.

It’s all built on fear, noise, bigotry, and finger-pointing,  he said of Trump. The guy loves to tweet.

Of course, you wouldn’t see him there. He’s too busy trying to sleep with his own daughter or promoting some rich pr*ck factory golf course. And yes, he’s basically a b*tchy mean girl on Twitter. 

And much like the rest of the country, Leary is displeased with both candidates being forced down America’s throat (Gary Jonhson, perhaps?)

But I look at all the candidates on both sides, said Leary…and I’m thinking, These are the people we have to choose from? What the f*ck is going on?’

Alas, America has to decide who they hate less: Trump or Hillary. But nobody with a soul or two functioning brain cells could ever get behind Trump.

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