COME ON YOU CAN DO IT: Republican Proposes Giving Poor People Life Coaches Instead Of Health Care

It seems that Republicans in Idaho are coming up with some pretty “unique” alternatives to provisions in the Affordable Care Act which is soon to be replaced by President Donald Trump’s “Alternative” Care Act.

Under ACA, also known as Obamacare, states had the option to expand Medicaid coverage to help millions of Americans, however, many Republican-run states chose not to participate in the program leaving its more disadvantaged citizens to suffer and die.

The Washington Post reports that the GOP-lead Idaho state government, like many of other Republican-run legislators around the country, decided they would come up with an “alternative” to expanding Medicaid. However, like so many other things Republicans try to accomplish, they’ve not had lots of success.

“Idaho Gov. C.L. ‘Butch’ Otter, a Republican, vowed to come up with a replacement after declining to fully embrace the Medicaid expansion that was offered as part of the Affordable Care Act,” the Post writes. “He’s tried to persuade his heavily Republican legislature to set aside their hands-off views about the government on this issue. Studies have been conducted. Proposals have been put forward. But after four years, lawmakers have come up with no alternative.”

One GOP state senator had a particularly brilliant idea which involved giving poor people tax credits to pay for life coaches, who then motivate them to work harder, land higher paying jobs, and afford high-priced (otherwise unaffordable) healthcare. Booyah! Problem solved.

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So instead of healthcare disadvantaged Idaho citizens would have something like this instead.

Fortunately, this among other similar “solutions” never came to fruition. So now Idaho, like everyone else, has to wait and see what Republicans in D.C. can come up with. And while the GOP had seven years to form a comprehensive alternative to Obamacare, they spent most of that time trying to find ways to repeal it, like Wile E Coyote trying to catch the Road Runner.

Like dogs chasing a car, Republicans threatened to shut down the government; they railed against Obamacare everywhere they could find a TV camera and made its repeal the centerpiece of their political campaign strategy.

But now Republicans are in control, and they are faced with doing more than just pitch fits and whine about the Obama administration’s policies. So far the GOP’s efforts to replace Obamacare has been mixed of absurd and horrifying ideas. Soon Trump supporters in Idaho and other places will get exactly what they voted for, which unfortunately for the majority of Americans won’t be anything vaguely resembling affordable healthcare.

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