Colossal White House Screw Up Leads To Trump Endorsing Child Labor In New Ad (VIDEO)

If there is one thing going for the American people against Trump’s assault on decency, liberties, and intelligence it’s that he and his team are so incompetent that they can’t even do the simplest things without humiliating themselves. An obvious example of that sheer stupidity comes at us from this pro-Trump ad, which he recently proudly posted to his Facebook page.

Thanks to the crack team over at the White House, a simple spelling mistake turned Trump’s coal fetish into a call to relax child labor laws. In boasting about his efforts to kill clean energy and bring back coal, he promised to “put our minors back to work.”

The word he was looking for was “miners.” Apparently, nobody at Trump’s White House noticed the typo. It’s been six hours and nobody has bothered to fix it, either.

This would be a funny gaffe if it weren’t so depressingly common. Trump has issued statements misspelling the names and titles of foreign leaders. Trump has misspelled words as simple and varied as “Denmark” (Denmakr), “honored” (honered), “among” (amoung), and “unprecedented” (unpresidented).

A White House statement bragging about Betsy DeVos spelled “education” wrong. She’s the Secretary of Education.

The Library of Congress gift shop had to pull a poster honoring Trump’s inauguration when people noticed it, too, had an ridiculously simple typo.

Meanwhile, Trump’s minor/miner gaffe has another unfortunate side effect for his administration – reminding us that his good friend Newt Gingrich actually wants to repeal child labor laws. As writer Parker Molloy points out, Newt, a full-time moron who moonlights as a part-time shithead on evenings and weekends, once called child labor laws “truly stupid” and suggested poor kids be encouraged to become janitors at their schools, picking up the trash of their classmates to earn lunch money.

Speaking at the John F. Kennedy school, Gingrich said that children in the poorest neighborhoods are “trapped in child laws” that prevent them from earning money.

“Most of these schools ought to get rid of the unionized janitors, have one master janitor and pay local students to take care of the school,” Gingrich said according to a CNN video.

Trump hasn’t gone that far. He’s only hinted that he would prefer children work. During Obama’s administration when he was eager to pretend the unemployment rate was sky high he would sometimes count children as part of his inflated unemployment figures.

Instead of worrying about coal miners and school-aged minors, Trump, who was born rich and stayed that way, might want to invest in some additional schooling for himself. Basic grammar and spelling would be a good place to start.

Featured image via Scott Olson/Getty Images

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