Colorado Republican Wants To Give ‘Gun Stamps’ Instead Of Food Stamps (VIDEO)

Long before Donald Trump hit the political stage, Colorado and the nation had Tom Tancredo. Tancredo was a GOP member of Congress for ten years and in 2008, he embarrassingly lost a bid for president. He also lost a bid for Colorado’s governor in 2010.

Tancredo wasn’t the original fear-baiter, but he was good at it. He once called Sonia Sotomayor a member of the “Latino KKK without the hoods or nooses.”

He said that Miami was becoming a “third world country” because of immigration.

He once wanted to bomb Mecca.

Like Trump, he’s anti-immigration and anti-Muslim. At the time (just two years ago) he was called extreme. Today, he’s probably not extreme enough, which means that it’s time for him to say something bats*it crazy and he didn’t disappoint. In an op-ed in Brietbart, Tancredo, who’s as opposed to food stamps as anyone, offered this:

To show we are serious about empowering 100 million citizens for self-defense, we should seriously consider subsidizing the purchase of firearms by low-income citizens. Terrorists and criminals already know how to obtain guns, so why not help the defenseless? If we can afford food stamps and housing subsidies, why not gun stamps to help urban citizens survive the next Islamist assault?

One has to wonder which low-income people Tancredo is referring to. Is it the man who refers to black people as “thugs who intimidate people at the polls?” Does he feel that low-income black people should have guns? What about low-income Muslims or Latinos, should they also be given free guns?

The man wanting to give away guns is the same man who said this:

The idea that they’re doing anything that would benefit Republicans in the long run is ludicrous. Hispanics vote for Democrats for exactly the same reason that other people vote for Democrats: They want ObamaPhones! They want big government! It’s got nothing to do with immigration!

Ironically, here’s Tancredo nine years ago, complaining that entitlements are going to immigrants because we don’t have a way of checking their status. Can we assume that he somehow solved that problem with his free guns for poor people plan?

Here’s that video:

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