Colin Powell’s Brilliant Take On Voter ID Laws (VIDEO)

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who thinks the Republican party is on a dark path of intolerance, had some outstanding advice for minority voters affected by the bigoted voter ID laws implemented in Red States to combat non-existent “voter-fraud.”

His message is for members of the African-American community to do what they’ve done in the face of adversity for decades:  Rise above it, find a way, and vote them out:

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What I say to my friends in the African-American community, is whatever those states do, you meet the standards and then you make sure you register.  You make sure you vote. You make sure you vote for the people who tried to put these barriers, these hurdles in your way and then you vote them out.

Is it really that simple?  The Government Accountability Office has said that voter ID laws are most effective in reducing turnout of black and younger voters.

Powell’s call to action for these people to do whatever it takes to get to the voting booth may seem like a win for the GOP, whose stance all along has been that anyone should be able to get ID.  Powell, however, is convinced that enacting discriminatory laws will backfire for Republicans and send more blacks and young people to the booths than ever before.

Lets hope so.  Our future depends on every demographic, not just wealthy campaign donors and those who can afford to vote, having a voice as our founders intended.

Colin Powell’s fix for the voter ID issue:











H/T: Huffington Post | Image: Wikipedia 

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