Colin Powell Officially Tells ‘National Disgrace’ Trump To F*ck Off: I’m Voting Hillary

With Trump firmly at the helm of the Republican Party, it’s painfully obvious that the party of Lincoln is now the party of the screaming codger on the street corner. Therefore, the very few remaining “moderate” Republicans have nowhere else to turn to but Hillary. Case in point, Colin Powell.

The Bush era Secretary of State announced earlier today that he would be voting for Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that she upset him by pointing out that he had told her she should set up a private email server when she took over the position. Trump is simply that dangerous and unhinged.

Powell reportedly made the endorsement to his fellow former top diplomat, Robert Brodsky, saying that Trump is “selling people a bill of goods,” is not qualified, and “insults us every day.”

Many republicans have come out in support of Hillary, including George Bush Sr. But what makes this endorsement all the more important is that it comes after Powell expressed great frustration with Hillary over using him during her private email scandal. The soft-spoken and reasonable former Secretary of State must really fear for the fate of humanity  in order to personal politics aside and support Hillary.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images

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