Colbert’s Super Cute ‘Road To The White House: Kid’s Edition’ Answers Everyone’s Biggest Question (VIDEO)

Steven Colbert’s super cute “Road to the White House: Kid’s Edition,” is really representative of how many liberals feel about this race: we don’t know who is going to be president, but we are pretty sure that Trump is a monster.

The anger, the fighting, the all around “Trumpiness” of this race has created an interesting problem for parents and teachers who want to teach their kids about democracy. In fact, one teacher said she,”worries about the mock-debate season, when someone will have to play Mr. Trump — a candidate who, if he were a student, would be sent straight to the principles office.”

Talking to our kids about really tough subjects has been widely covered, I mean, at least as far as drug abuse and underage drinking. But the really tough ones, like talking to them about the hatred driving Trump’s campaign? No one is really prepared for that!

Colbert really doesn’t answer that question, but he does pose some interesting ones, and the kids, as always, say the darndest things. In an election season where even the more intelligent and temperate liberals are at odds with each other, it is nice to just see something cute.

Besides, we really did need to know what children make of that monstrosity on Trump’s head.

Enjoy Colbert’s sketch here:


Featured image via screen capture

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