Colbert’s Ben And Jerry’s Prison Inspired Flavors Will Have You Wheezing (VIDEO)

As Stephen Colbert says, we are all angry about money in politics. Campaign finance is out of control and we should be angry about it — chances are if you aren’t angry, you are involved in the fraud or directly benefitting from it. In fact, when Ben and Jerry, of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, were arrested they were protesting the billionaire ownership of our elections.

Their arrest has been widely covered, and Ben and Jerry themselves wrote about it on the Ben and Jerry’s Website. The following is a quick excerpt from the incredible and important message shared on their page: it is worth the read.

Why Ben and Jerry Just Got Arrested

… But Jerry and Ben and hundreds of others felt that they had to do something more, once the marches and the speeches came to an end. As Ben said, there’s a powerful legacy of direct action in this country. From mass protests like theMarch on Washington and 2014’s People’s Climate March in NYC, to incredibly powerful if quieter and more personal actions like the 1960 Woolworth sit-insstarted by four African-American students in Greensboro, NC, or the protest against Shell Oil’s plan to drill in the arctic by kayakers in Seattle.I Sometimes, when something really matters, you have to put your body on the line. You have to take a stand.


We all have a role to play in the fight for justice. Join us this year as we spread the word and take action. Democracy belongs in the hands of all Americans, not in the pockets of a few billionaires. And no citizen who wants to vote should ever be kept from the polls.

Well, America has responded to this humor by inventing some seriously hilarious “flavors” a la Ben and Jerry’s famous ice creams names like “Cherry Garcia” and “Whirled Peace,” only these names are in keeping with their recent arrest: I guess you could say that this is naming ice cream with “prison rules.”

Colbert took his turn at the name game too, and the results are hilarious!

Watch the short video here:


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