Colbert: Trump’s Victory Speech Reveals His Biggest Weakness (VIDEO)

Donald Trump, unable to NOT make himself look like an overblown, pompous and pretentious a$$, used his victory speech as an infomercial for the Trump “brand” in a fit over Mitt Romney’s damning remarks about him.

Stephen Colbert, watching a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE pose beside a pile of meat like Vanna White, just couldn’t resist pointing out the irony that if Trump were to be elected, he would be the first president with an “as seen on TV” logo on his forehead.

According to Colbert, he just may have been introducing his running mate (Trump/Pile Of Meat 2016), either that or he was just trying to confuse us — because as Colbert said, “good luck in telling the two apart.”

However, when he put (a little) of the joking aside, Colbert NAILED “The Donald’s” real issue: he is just a little, shall we say, vulnerable.

You know, if we’re honest, I think I know what is going on here. Donald is just insecure. I don’t know if Trump even wants to be president. The guy just needs constant validation, that’s clear. and isn’t that what all of us want? Love. Just love and maybe steak, and if we just give that to him, maybe he will go away.

Colbert then proceeds to pass on a message to “Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump… Mr. Trump,” and knowing that he was listening because Colbert said his name three times, hilariously assures trump he is cool, just the very coolest, and good at businessing, and just awesome. Colbert really tries to convince everyone that no one dislikes Trump, they are just jealous… and then gives him the only award fitting such an illustrious person, “America’s Number One Man.”

It is for the greater good, of course, because if we could just get this billionaire, who has never known a lack of what he needs in his life, to feel successful… well, maybe he will go away.

Watch the side-splitting clip here:


Featured image via screen capture from Youtube

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