Colbert Shames Paul Ryan’s Endorsement Dysfunction: ‘Shut Your Eyes And Think Of Reagan’ (VIDEO)

I’d say “poor” Paul Ryan just can’t catch a break, but who am I kidding? I hope he hates his job.

Ever since he became Speaker of the House, he’s been under such fire from every direction by Republicans, that the fact he hasn’t resigned is mysterious at best.

He got savaged for passing a budget that didn’t shut down Planned Parenthood, and he’s so hated now that he is getting a primary challenger in his home district.

Only in the Republican party can being promoted to literally the third in line for the presidency equal being demoted.

Now he’s under intense pressure from his party to endorse Donald Trump. Ryan has always tried to maintain a reasonably good disguise for being “sensible” in what is otherwise a herd of right-wing idiots, but now, his last shred of credibility must be sacrificed in order to appease the ego of Donald. How very brief his day in the sun was…

Of course, Paul’s misfortune is our comedic gain because Stephen Colbert decided to make a total jackass out of him on The Late Show. He focused on a clip of Paul him-hawing around the question of whether or not he will endorse Donald. Ryan’s response was that he “wasn’t there right now, but he hopes to, and he wants to.”

It’s such a ridiculously obvious dodge. He wants to but he “isn’t there right now?” What does that even mean? Paul is like a kid having to decide which crazy parent to live with after a catastrophe of a divorce. All he REALLY wants to do is sit in his room with his blankie, but those people on the news just won’t stop asking him the same question!

Watch Stephen completely slay Paul Ryan’s ability to make adult decisions below:

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