Colbert Mocks Republicans: ‘Bring Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Mostly Christians’

Stephan Colbert has always had a way of holding a mirror up to our political circus and showing us what we actually look like. He has done it again in the most classic Colbert fashion, leaving no doubt that we are, in fact, allowing lunacy and terror to control our government.

Not only has the tragedy in Paris brought the fear and religious hatred of the Fundamentalist right-wing to the forefront it has also highlighted that fact that reality doesn’t matter much to their constituency.  Especially right now. Especially when it is easier to be afraid, it is easier to hide in our homes, put up a “keep out” sign on Ellis Island, and think that that will somehow protect us from the bad guys.

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It won’t. It is time to stop thinking with our adrenal glands, and start doing the right thing, cautiously and correctly, bravely – like Americans.

It is quite definitely worth slowing down to think about this: the new “Syrian Refugee debate” has been spurred by a tragic event that was neither caused by Syrians nor Refugees.

Here is Colbert’s thought-provoking monologue:

Feature image via screen capture from YouTube

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