Colbert Hilariously Lampoons The Kasich And Cruz Pact (VIDEO)

In a segment that opens, “and speaking of deflated leather, Trump,” Stephen Colbert just hilariously mocked the second and third place GOP candidates for their last ditch effort to save the world from the fascist frontrunner Donald Trump.

As Trump gets closer to clinching the nomination, 1,237 delegates, (“also the year his ideas come from,”) the moderately insane Kasich is apparently linking arms with the actually insane Cruz to try to prevent the seemingly inevitable Trump victory for the GOP nomination. They can’t win, neither of them, but they aren’t going down without making sure their opponent can’t win — how very, very conservative of them. 

This “dream team” is really more like a disturbing daymare team though: 

Except its one of those dreams where no matter how fast you run, a Trump presidency just keeps getting closer and closer.

By splitting up and working on the next three states individually, Indiana (Cruz) Oregon and New Mexico (Kasich) they plan to do one thing — agitate and prolong the inevitable loss of Donald Trump to the Democratic nominee.

If they had wanted to actually damage Donald Trump, maybe they shouldn’t have been attacking EACH OTHER the whole time leading up to this desperate circus side-show. Not even they will fall for this silliness.

Of course, that may be an overestimation of the intelligence and memory of the GOPs voter base, because it appears that the GOP thinks that they are going to swallow a Donald Trump personality make-over as the “real” candidate… so there you go.

Watch Colbert here:


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