Colbert Has The Donald Do A Phone-In Interview…On The ‘Trump Phone’ (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert, on The Late Show, allowed the first guest in history to “phone it in.” This guest was Donald Trump, and the results: priceless.

Trump’s non-appearance left Colbert with ALL the visuals, and a terrific monologue roasting the pompous politician’s promise to clean up his language before challenging Trump to call in on the “Trump Phone,” a monstrosity in Oompa-Loompa Orange with what appeared to be a dead chinchilla on its head. (Appropriate.)

Colbert’s lampooning of the ridiculous nuevo Republican fit the bill, as “The Donald’s” inflated ego can’t really be understood without mockery.

The biggest difficulty, of course, is proving that your “face to face” interview, when performed over the phone, is actually with the person you say it is. Colbert solved this problem by saying:

Uh, listen, I gotta make sure this is really you, and not someone abusing the Trump Phone. Say something only Donald Trump would say.

“Well, I could say, you’re fired,” answered the instantly recognizable [turd], which was much less interesting than the monologue leading up to the phone interview.

Colbert’s answer, “don’t make me love you old man,” seemed to be a reference to Colbert’s recent homage to Antonin Scalia and probably puts Trump in the same yes-that-was-cute-but-you-are-still-a-nasty-person category.

Enjoy the full interview, here, courtesy of YouTube:


Featured image via screen capture

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