Colbert Gives Us Honesty About Umpqua, Trump, And Congress (VIDEO)

Stephan Colbert gives us the top three events you need to know about in the USA in under 8 minutes. Covering the far from unique mass shooting in Oregon, the “honest insanity” of Donald Trump, and the “political cow-poo-poo” that is our House of Representatives race for Speaker at the moment. This is another one of those times when you just have to sit back and say “this is why Colbert is on top of the world right now.”

Understanding that the Speaker of the House is the person that decides what will be considered by the House, and that no bills can be voted on unless they are first introduced by the Speaker, means that you know how important the job is. Kevin McCarthy’s giant sin of telling the truth about the Benghazi hearings is almost refreshing, especially the way that Colbert drives it home. Poor Kevin Spacey!

Here is the video, courtesy of YouTube:

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