Colbert Exposes Shady ‘Charity Work’ Done By Trump Foundation (VIDEO)

There is no question that Donald Trump has a so-called “charitable foundation.” However, as Stephen Colbert makes perfectly clear, not all things called “charity” actually are.

Comparing the Trump Foundation to the Clinton’s, Colbert began:

“No matter what you think of the Clinton Foundation, it has done real charity work — earthquake relief in Haiti, expanded access to HIV drugs in Africa, and, one assumes, working on a cure for secret pneumonia.”

After poking a little fun at Hillary Clinton’s recent run-in with pneumonia, Colbert proceeded to shred the Trump Foundation’s ironic lack of real charity work. (Not to mention the lack of “Trump money” included in the Trump Foundation or going to charitable causes.)

The Trump Foundation has done many things, though. Among them, purchasing a signed Tim Tebow helmet for $12,000 dollars (which has nothing to do with Tebow’s endorsement of Trump.) Trump’s foundation also spent $20,000 dollars on a hyuuge portrait of Trump himself.

Oh, and the disgusting fact that his foundation made an illegal donation to Pam Bondi, the Florida Attorney General (which totally had nothing to do with her dropping the investigation into Trump University).

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Watch Colbert lay out the Trump Foundation’s dirty laundry, here:


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