WATCH: Colbert Rips Ben Carson’s Ridiculous Anti-Gay Marriage Rant To Pieces (VIDEO)

Gay marriage is still a controversial topic in this country, despite the fact that it is not.

Stephen Colbert’s opening statement pretty much sums up the state of marriage equality in the US today. Congressman Steve King (R) criticized the Supreme Courts ruling on Marriage equality recently, Quipping an  unintelligent comment about gay marriage ushering in an age in which a man can marry his lawnmower.

The fear-mongering statement tries to make it sound as if allowing humans to marry humans will open the floodgates on kinky “man-object” marriage. As if somehow removing gender as a qualifier for a marriage means that it suddenly removes humanity itself as a qualifier to be married. To say this is to say that our humanity is rooted solely in our genitals, something that is patently untrue.

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Humanity has never been stipulated in the past on a marriage license. There has never been a line to which you acknowledged that your intended was human, only to which gender of human you want to be married to. Stephen Colbert rips into this asinine viewpoint held by none other than future former candidate for the GOP nomination, Ben Carson, that marriage equality will cause “other” groups to come forward seeking marriage as well.

Yes, this is the state of the Republican Party.

Carson should consider himself spanked, you are gonna love this video.

Featured image via screen capture from YouTube

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