WATCH Colbert Brilliantly Slam Trump: Ready For The Job On Day One-ish (VIDEO)

I know, I know. Trump is an easy target. Comedians and political writers have been having a hay day. We’ve all been enjoying the humor – like the time David Lettermen called Trump out on his hypocrisy to his face, or the time The Try Guys made that hilarious video showing what it would sound like when non-a$$holes repeat real Trump quotes, or the time Jon Stewart celebrated being able to spend the last weeks on his show bashing Trump.

Even as many sane people get increasingly nervous as Donald Trump continues to stay on top of republican polls, and comedians such as Larry Wilmore plead with America that it is no longer funny – no one can seem to help themselves.

The Late Show‘s newest host, Stephen Colbert, is no exception.

Colbert even managed to use to his announcement that he would be hosting the nightly show by parodying Trump’s campaign announcement on the same day, and has continued indulging in Trump humor throughout the beginning of the season.

Colbert started out this latest Trump bit with a knock-knock joke.

Colbert: “Knock knock.”

Audience: “Who’s there?”

Colbert: “Orange.”

Audience: “Orange who?”

Colbert: “Speaking of Donald Trump…”

Colbert continues by ragging on Trump for his cavalier and narcissistic attitude about what he doesn’t know about major foreign groups and world events. Although anyone who is elected President in 2016 will have a lot to learn, Trump’s disgust and dismissal of the subjects is appalling.

Later in the video, Colbert also brings up Trump’s ridiculous assertion that his experience at an expensive boarding school was basically better training than a lot of people who are actually in the military. Colbert decimates this with one simple comparison:

Same reason I feel like I was a Nascar driver, because as a kid I had a race car bed.

Watch Colbert destroy Trump in the awesomely hilarious video:


Featured image via screen capture from YouTube

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