Colbert And John Oliver Talk About Trump, Not Giving A Sh*t And Missing Jon Stewart (VIDEO)

Two of talk show television’s greatest had the chance to get together Thursday night and reminisce their humble beginnings. Former Daily Show phenom Stephen Colbert invited former Daily Show giant John Oliver to sit down and talk about what’s important. That, in a nutshell, is anything but Donald Trump.

Colbert admits that he usually takes less than 30 seconds to mention Trump, and Oliver admits he “couldn’t possibly give a sh*t less” about the bloviating blowhard. “That’s one of the advantages of being a half hour show,” said Oliver, “we don’t have to care.”

The two had some chuckles and then talked about how much they missed their mentor, Jon Stewart. They agreed that while Trevor Noah is doing a fantastic job on the new Daily Show, he’s trying to do the impossible in replacing the irreplaceable. Most of America would agree: We miss you, Jon.

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Watch these two comedy giants talk about a legend.

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