Colbert Rips Trump: ‘He’s My Old Character–With $10 Billion’

Most reasonable adults who pay attention to the political landscape are bewildered by this election cycle’s most unlikely phenomena known as Donald Trump. When Donald Trump announced he would be running for President last June, to many it seemed like some kind of poorly timed publicity stunt or maybe even an episode of Punk’d that had gone terribly wrong. Trump who has spun crass political discourse into electoral gold by appealing to the worst in human nature, still only seemed one bad sound byte away from being cast back into the reality show abyss from which he came. But after almost 6 months of insults, fear mongering and showing he has zero knowledge of the actual issues facing our country today, it appears that for better or worse Mr. Trump is here to stay, at least until the Iowa caucus.

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As a shameless self-promoter and reality TV icon, the fact that Trump is not only being taken seriously as a candidate among the Republican field but is leading by such a large margin, almost makes this year’s Republican Primary seem more like a long-running late night comedy skit than an actual race for the highest office in the land. Perhaps this is why so many are quick to dismiss the boorish Trump as more of a novelty act than a true contender for the White House.

In an interview this past weekend with one of America’s most beloved political satirists, Stephen Colbert, the emphatic Colbert was quick to point out that Donald Trump is “is my old character with $10 billion.” Colbert also went on to say

He’s completely playing on an emotional level, and so beautifully. That’s one of the reasons I can’t do that old character anymore. He’s doing it better than I ever could because he’s willing to drink his own Kool-Aid.

Whether Donald Trump is just an entertaining carnival act to pass the time until the primaries this February, or an actual bellwether for a growing population of angry, misguided lemmings remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure, when our political system has more in common with the comedy that mocks it, than the people it is sworn to represent, it maybe be time for a total reboot.




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