Co-Chair Of Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission Says Trump May Not Have Been Legitimately Elected (VIDEO)

The co-chair of Trump’s voter fraud commission, set up to prove that Hillary Clinton didn’t win the popular vote because of the “millions” of illegal votes he says were cast for his opponent, just inserted both feet in his mouth, grew a new foot, then shoved that one in the other available orifice on Wednesday when he admitted that Trump may not be our legitimate president.

“You know, we may never know the answer to that,” Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach told MSNBC’s Katy Tur when asked whether he thought Clinton “won the popular vote by 3 to 5 million votes.”

“We will probably never know the answer to that question,” he said. In reality, Clinton only won by 2.87 million votes — but Kobach is a moron.

“How do you say we may never know the answer to that question?” Tur asked. Then things got really stupid:

“What I’m saying is, let’s suppose that the commission determined that there were a certain number of votes cast by ineligible voters. You still won’t know whether those people who were ineligible voted for Trump or for Clinton or for somebody else.

And so, it’s impossible to ever know exactly, if you took out all the ineligible votes, what the final tally would be in that election. You can obviously, based on the data, you can make some very educated guesses.”

“So are the votes for Donald Trump that led him to win the election in doubt as well?” Tur pressed.

“Absolutely,” replied Kobach.

Voter fraud — especially in-person — is extremely rare, though a couple of Trump supporters have been caught illegally voting multiple times after he told them people would illegally vote for Hillary Clinton.

In other words, the system works and people who try to vote illegally do get caught. The integrity of the voting systems themselves, however, could be questioned as Russian agents provably hacked our electoral system in 39 states.

Is Donald Trump the legitimate President? The answer is that “he’s an idiot” until we know the full extent of Russian attacks on our election.

Watch the interview below:

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