CNN’s Sanjay Gupta SHREDS Trump’s ‘Absurd’ Doctor Letter, Points Out Disturbing Details (VIDEO)

As Donald Trump continues to sag in the polls, he and his campaign have taken to shamefully suggesting that Hillary Clinton is ill and doesn’t have the strength to be president. It’s a pathetic and overtly desperate attempt to smear his opponent, but it also does Trump himself absolutely no favors.

While Clinton’s campaign has released a full medical report on her health (hint: She’s completely fine), Donald Trump’s own medical history is obscured behind just a single, preposterous letter supposedly written by his family doctor. Thus far, he has not released any other medical information, meaning the letter is the only thing America has to go on when judging his health. Needless to say, the letter raises serious questions about Trump’s fitness for the White House.

Trump’s letter, supposedly written by his longtime family doctor, Jacob Bornstein – a stomach doctor – contains a number of hilarious spelling, grammar and medical mistakes. In one portion, Bornstein seems to channel Trump himself by declaring that his patient’s “physical strength and stamina are extraordinary.” He also said that a “complete medical examination” revealed “only positive results.” His laboratory tests were “astonishingly excellent.”

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a real doctor, took one look at Trump’s letter and came to the conclusion that it was “absurd” to the point of possibly being fake. On CNN, he told Ashleigh Banfield that he didn’t “even know what to make of” the letter, but pointed out some of the glaring flaws, nonetheless.

“‘Astonishingly excellent’ was another term that was used. These just aren’t terms that are used by the medical community. So I don’t know where they come from.

It says they showed only positive results. Now it’s funny in medicine, because when something is good we say it’s a negative result. Meaning, that it did not appear when we did an exam. Positive results actually means quite the opposite. Calling things “test scores” instead of results. His PSA “test score” was this, as if it was the SAT exam instead of a blood test. It’s a strange letter that’s absurd to look at it on face value.”

There’s more. In one of the more bonkers sentences in the short letter bursting at the seams with bonkers sentences declares that Trump would be “unequivocally” the “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” What?

Gupta couldn’t believe it either.

“Whether you’re a doctor or not, that degree of hyperbole [claiming Trump would be the healthiest president ever] and these types of words being used is very unusual. People don’t write like that, that this is ‘the healthiest ever.’ First of all, they couldn’t substantiate. How do you know that someone is the healthiest ever?

There’s all sorts of language with that: ‘Strength and stamina are extraordinary.’ What does that mean exactly?”

There are additional problems with the letter that Gupta doesn’t even touch. For example, Bornstein’s website appears to direct users to a site that installs malware. The letter also appears to have been created in Microsoft Word and the letterhead is the same font as the letter itself (unusual). Even more unusual, it directs readers to a Google Gmail account for Dr. Bornstein – something not common practice among doctors.

Another oddity noted by America Blog: Trump’s supposedly in “perfect” health, the healthiest of all presidents in fact, so why is he taking aspirin and statin daily? Typically that is reserved for people suffering from heart and cholesterol problems. No doctor would recommend taking medicine for no reason.

These questions and more suggest that Donald Trump is boldly lying about his health. While it would not be disqualifying to be elected president while suffering from health problems, it should absolutely be disqualifying for a lying hypocrite to be allowed to run for office on a campaign of smearing his opponent’s health.

Trump needs to answer these questions – and hopefully in a more serious way than this absurd letter.


Watch Gupta’s take below:

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