CNN’s Jake Tapper Hammers RNC Chair Reince Priebus For His Defense Of Trump’s Muslim Ban (VIDEO)

You have to hand it to Reince Priebus; he’s the only person who could appear on cable news with the intent of putting a positive spin on selecting Mike Pence as VP and wind up defending Trump’s inexcusable ban on Muslim immigration.

“A total and complete ban on Muslims”

Pence’s announcement as the co-star in 2016’s sequel to 2012’s “White and Whiter,” “White and Whiter To,” was quickly overshadowed by that god-awful ugly logo that earned so much derision on the Internet. And while the logo didn’t last a day, Pence’s nomination did, and now the TP gravy train is rolling.

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Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, RNC chair Reince Priebus attempted put a positive spin on Pence. That, however, proved harder than it sounds, especially when host Jake Tapper brought up Pence’s tweet about Trump’s proposed Muslim ban — you know, the one where Pence called it “offensive and unconstitutional.”

Mike Pence tweet


Now, if you think this would pose a bit of a problem, you’re not the only one. Tapper asked Priebus to help him understand exactly what was going to happen:

Help me understand what’s going to happen here. Is there going to be a total and complete ban on Muslims coming into the United States until we can ‘figure out what the hell is going on.’ Or is there not going to be one?

Priebus hit back with the sort of decisive, clear, focused answer that we’ve come to expect from him:

No, uh, what Donald Trump has… If you’ve seen the last few weeks, the position that he’s put on the table, the position papers on his website, what he’s been talking about is a temporary ban on immigration from countries that harbor and train terrorists until we get a better vetting system.

The last few terrorist attacks in Europe have come from inside of European countries, executed by European natives. So here’s to a proposed ban on European immigration. . . I mean, if they were smart, they wouldn’t want to be here anyway. Unless you’re from Britain or Wales, but that’s not really a step up, now is it?

I can easily see this devolving into the racist and jingoistic equivalent of the Erdős number: “Oh, well, your ancestors are three generations removed from Syria by way of Canada to Australia, giving you an ISIS number of 2; immigration request DENIED.”

Tapper put his full rhetorical judo skills on display, noting “That proposal that you just enumerated is different than what he said in December. And he has said that he has not backed off or changed his position.”

Priebus had a clear explanation to for this too: “No, no. He has pivoted to this position.”

Tapper cut him off before he could finish, insisting “That’s your interpretation, that’s not his interpretation!”

Priebus, backed into a corner with nowhere to run, claimed, “It’s what I’ve seen him say in person.”

Tapper agreed that “it sounds like a pivot, or a change, but he says he hasn’t changed.” Priebus insisted otherwise:

No, he has said that he’s changed. He has put the position on the table. And that is his position.

And North Korea claims it’s a democratic people’s republic. But you can trust Glorious Leader Donald Trump, he’d never claim something that isn’t true.

Watch the video below:

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