CNN’s Don Lemon Openly Mocks Trump’s Campaign For Behaving Like Middle-Schoolers (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson appeared on CNN’s New Day on March 29. Her mission appeared to be to attempt damage control after a disastrous radio interview that Trump did with conservative Wisconsin talk show host Charlie Sykes. But the appearance quickly devolved into an argument about the attacks Trump has made against the wife of his rival Ted Cruz. Her defense of her boss was the stuff that middle school cafeteria fights are made of.

Host Don Lemon plays a clip of Sykes asking Trump if he was aware that Sykes was “a #neverTrump guy.” Trump admits that he didn’t know that. Lemon asks Pierson if that was something that the campaign should have told Trump before he called in to Sykes’ show.

Pierson responds that Trump’s conversation with Sykes proves that he “doesn’t care,” and is willing to go into “hostile territory.” When Lemon presses her about whether she thinks Trump should have known that Sykes was staunchly anti-Trump, she insists that her point is it wouldn’t have mattered to the candidate. Of course, that’s a whole lot easier than saying “we screwed up and should have told him.”

Then Pierson shifts the focus from the campaign’s failure to protect their candidate, and onto Trump’s attack on Heidi Cruz. She refers to it as the “attack on Ted Cruz’s wife narrative” and says that it “somehow sprouted last week.” She goes on to tell Lemon,

The fact of the matter is, there’s only been one wife attacked this cycle and that is Melania Trump. Mr. Trump is defending his wife. There is no such thing as an attack on Heidi Cruz. I have yet to hear the attack on Heidi Cruz.

Lemon refers Pierson to the meme that Trump re-tweeted, which shows Heidi Cruz in a shot that was obviously captured as she was speaking, picturing her in an unflattering light. Next to it is a posed shot of Melania Trump. “That is not an attack,” Pierson says.

The bickering over the re-tweeted photo and who did what to whom and when continues, with Pierson insisting that it was Ted Cruz and his surrogates who started the whole thing. She sounds amazingly like a middle schooler who has been caught doing something wrong, and is now defending him or herself to the principal. “But HE started it!”

But why should we expect Katrina Pierson to respond any differently when confronted with facts than her boss does? Lemon plays an exchange from the Trump interview where Sykes tells Trump that he would expect something like the attack on Heidi Cruz from “a 12-year-old bully on the playground.” Trump’s response? “Well, I didn’t start it. He started it.”

Is it any wonder Donald Trump scares the hell out of the rest of the world? Republicans are about to put a thin-skinned egomaniac with the maturity of an adolescent on the presidential ticket. Instead of showing his level-headedness and desire to stay above the fray, Trump has to answer every attack, real or imagined, with an even nastier attack. How might he respond to some perceived slight from a foreign leader? By starting World War III?

Here’s the video, via YouTube:


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