CNN’s Ashley Banfield Goes OFF On Trump’s Insane 27 Second ‘Birther Crap’ Press Conference (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has been aboard the Birther Express since the train left the station. And starting in 2011, Trump began to actively promote the possibility that the nutty conspiracy theories were correct. He built his political career on it.

And then, when called on the flames he fanned, he blamed it on Clinton — predictably.

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Well, Trump is finally backing off his birther claims after leading this circus for five full years. However, his big “announcement” was light on substance. There was no apology. No admission of guilt. No explanation. Just lies.

People were understandably stunned, and this includes CNN’s Ashley Banfield, who went off on Trump’s press conference Thursday in a spectacular fashion.

“27 seconds”

Trump flip-flopped. Nobody is surprised, but plenty of people are fed up with it, and none more so than CNN’s Ashley Banfield, who’s apparently had her fill of the birther nonsense and eviscerated Trump’s pitiful Thursday morning speech.

Banfield began by noting that, in addition to not wanting to take questions about his birtherism, he couldn’t even explain himself for “longer than 27 seconds.”

He pent more time teasing the announcement than he did actually making it. This is what happens when an idiot pretends to be P.T. Barnum, without realizing Barnum was famous because he ran a freak show of otherwise decent people, not because a freak show of deplorable people ran him.

Banfield wasn’t done, though. Oh no, she was just getting warmed up:

“Nor did [Donald Trump] want to go on longer than about 27 seconds, and by the way, I’m going to ask our producers if they could actually time it out. Because I just had to do it on the fly. Not expecting it was going to be such a short comment. Fully expecting he was going to wax a little more on it, maybe even say, ‘I was wr –‘ like Fonzie or maybe say, ‘I’m s-s-s’ — maybe say, ‘I’m sorry.’ We didn’t get any of that, we didn’t get any of that. We got 27 seconds of, ‘The guy was born in the U.S.’ Well thanks. Eight years of being a president, it’s nice to know he was a citizen and that he actually aligned with the Constitution.”

Banfield ended by asking, “Real quickly, other than that 27 seconds, can you just give me the last 24 hours of this birther crap?”

I suspect “crap” isn’t the word she wanted to say, but it’s the most family-friendly word one can employ.

She came back after that question, though, and really took the ax Trump:

“Five minutes and 56 seconds into the controversy of me saying that this took 27 seconds, I am going to admit publicly on national television that I was wrong. I was wrong and I am sorry. Because if you include the pauses — it was 33 seconds. I am sorry for having said something wrong on national television about what someone said about someone else not being a citizen, yet serving as president. The joke is over.”

I’m not surprised Trump didn’t admit he was wrong or apologize for what was essentially libel and outright lies. Trump’s ego is so big that he can’t see the forest through his thick head, leave off his own personal failings. After all, if this conceited, racist, pampered, self-deified, spray-tan wearing bargain-basement aristocratic knock-off could see his own failings, he’d do us all a favor and never set foot in the public area again.

Watch the video below:

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