CNN’s Angela Rye Utterly Destroys Trump Flack For Claiming Trump Is Great For Black People (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is currently polling at an abysmal one percent among African-American voters (the one percent is probably Ben Carson) and nothing can really change that, especially not after tonight. Apparently not content to just pointing to a random black person and saying “look at my African-American friend,” Trump went for the final knockout punch last night at a rally in Michigan. Regarding the black community, Trump asked attendees “what the hell do you have to lose?

Trump claimed Democrats had failed the black community, and that voting for Clinton is voting for the status quo. His huuuge pitch was asking what do you have to lose by trying something new like Trump?” 

Well, CNN Black Panelist Angela Rye had much to say on the matter and took down white panelist Kayleigh McEnany in the process.

Via Media Matters:

ANGELA RYE: If you want Donald Trump to say something that’s meaningful to black people, and I’m not going to be the spokesperson for all black people tonight, but what I’m going to tell you is this. Plain and simple. He can disavow his racist butler. He can apologize for those two housing discriminations from the Department of Justice. He can tell me that that Black Lives Matter protester who he said deserves to get beat up, he can retract that and apologize for that. He can tell me that he never meant to say those legal fees of that guy that punched that black man in the face at his rally, should’ve happened. He can apologize for the Indian man that was thrown out of his rally today. He can apologize to the Central Park Five —

BAKARI SELLERS: All five of them.

RYE: — for taking out that full-page ad on them — I’m not done, I’m just getting started and I haven’t even got to last July. My only point to you is this: Donald Trump doesn’t just have a messaging problem. He has a message and belief problem, Kayleigh, and he has to — he has to hear it from more than Rhinestones and Polyester, his two little imps that go out on the trail for him. 

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: We can go down this road, Angela. If Bill Clinton was golfing —

RYE: I will go there with you all day.

All Rye had to do in order to completely dismantle Trump’s new push to get black voters was to simply repeat all the racist crap Trump has said about minorities over the years, including during the presidential race. Trump’s “pivot” towards African Americans rings hollow, because it’s nothing but cynical, empty platitudes coming from a man who took far to long to realize that black people vote – and won’t be doing so for him.

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