CNN President Tells Trump To F*Ck Off — The Network Won’t Be Paying $5M For Him To Debate

CNN president, Jeff Zucker, made it very clear that bloviating bully Donald Trump wasn’t going to extort his network. Trump, feeling as though he was treated unfairly in the first CNN debate, threatened to boycott the event unless he was paid $5 million to appear. He said the money would go to charity, but declined to name one.

The Republican debates are nothing but a recurring hate-fest as it is. They hate Muslims. They hate the poor. They hate Obamacare, the recovering economy and jobs. All they talk about is who would shred the Iran deal faster, who would repeal everything President Obama has accomplished and who spends more time praying. The field went from ten to ten to ten to eight, and it’s not looking like it’s getting any smaller.

Does Donald Trump really think the American people would miss him? Trump supporters would follow on Twitter as he denigrated every answer from every candidate and declared himself victorious because he’s very good at things. The idiots who might just get this buffoon nominated for a world-class ass-kicking by the Democratic nominee don’t care about debates, facts, positions or platforms. They want their racism to be an available tool for them to use publicly. Everything else is superfluous.

Zucker didn’t have any particularly harsh words for Trump. He simply offered a resounding “no.” He added, “we don’t pay candidates to appear.” That’s pretty cut and dry, making it fairly obvious that not only does CNN not care if Trump decides to boycott, but that the entire situation was nothing but a gimmick from the start. Surely if there was money to be made, Trump would have exploited it months ago.

The problem with the Donald is he truly thinks he’s some kind of celebrity and that people like and want to be like him. If the campaign has taught us anything it’s that the only people who like Trump are those who hate indiscriminately who are ever so pleased to be able to write it down on a poster board and proudly display it at white supremacist meetings Trump campaign rallies.


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