CNN Journalist Claims Cruz’s Campaign Either Knowingly Mislead Or Stopped Reading His Report

As the drama around the Iowa caucuses continues to swirl, the CNN reporter who first noted Dr. Ben Carson was going to Florida for a “short, brief rest” after the Iowa caucuses has made his voice known – and it’s open season on Cruz, who he claims either stopped reading his report or “mislead intentionally.”

Wrong conclusions

Cruz’ upset in Iowa wasn’t a surprise for anyone who was paying attention. Iowa, after all, is the evangelical state. Cruz, who’s garnered the crazy train vote a long time ago, was set to win.

Unfortunately, Trump and his supporters weren’t paying attention. The result was a quick succession of Trump ranting on twitter, a conspiracy theory among his neo-Nazi supporters claiming Microsoft rigged the election so Rubio could win (never mind Rubio came in third place behind Trump), and finally, threats of litigation from the Teflon Prima Donna himself.

Now the author of the report, Chris Moody, has stepped into the fray, and is accusing Cruz’s camp of cherry-picking his report.

During a segment of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Moody said his report included details about Carson’s planned trip to Florida after the Iowa caucus, where Carson would take a “short, brief rest.”

Shortly after that, the Cruz campaign distributed an email claiming Carson would drop out of the race, and people planning to vote for Carson should vote for him, instead.

Moody wasn’t pleased with this:

Ted Cruz’s campaign cherry-picked part of that information, and not only sent messages to precinct captain on e-mail but also called and said he’s suspending campaigning – which is something I or no one else at CNN ever said. So, either Ted Cruz’s campaign just stopped reading, or – as others have said, it was something that was misleading intentionally.

I empathize with Moody, but I disagree with his word choice.

My authorial instinct is to be as clear as possible with my language. “Misleading intentionally” is unnecessarily wordy: “lying” is much more succulent and to-the-point. The reluctance to haul out the “L” word and to mask it behind a cavalcade of politically correct euphemisms pulled fresh from the treadmill is part of what’s wrong with our media.

When Host Brian Stelter asked Moody what it was like to face criticism from both Republican contenders, Moody responded by accusing the Cruz camp of “drawing the wrong conclusion” and then blaming him for their mistake:

Ted Cruz’s campaign drew that wrong conclusion, ignored the other half of the sentence basically, and then blamed me for their wrong conclusion, saying that I had reported what they were telling everyone else. It all got lost in the speed that is an election night. Obviously, that’s unfortunate for everyone involved. But again, it was never reported on CNN television, digital, or social media that Ben Carson was dropping out.

But because nobody is going to call Cruz a liar, he doesn’t care. And since his followers are shut off in their own hermetically sealed bubble of incoherent, thixotropic mythos bearing them slowly on their descent into nihilistic moral tribalism, they won’t care, either.

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