CNN Invites Joe Walsh For Interview After He Threatens To Kill Obama And People Are Furious

On Thursday, as the nation began learning the details of the shooting in Dallas that left five police officers dead and seven others wounded, former GOP congressman Joe Walsh decided the best response to the situation was to threaten the life of President Obama and promise a race war. Walsh’s vile, unAmerican response to the massacre elicited outrage across the nation — except over at CNN.

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On Friday night, CNN asked the former congressman on for an interview to defend himself and viewers were pissed.

Obama’s speechwriter, Jon Favreau, was especially angry:

What’s worse than the fact that he was given airtime is that he told anchor Don Lemon that he absolutely stands by his tweet but he didn’t really mean to threaten Obama, he was just super angry:

Yeah. Oh, absolutely, because I stand by what I meant, Don. I didn’t intend to say everybody go threaten Barack Obama or incite violence against Barack Obama. I don’t know of a sane person that would do that. That’s not what I meant, Don.

Threatening the president is exactly what he intended to do. He, like many other Republicans, would like nothing more than to see the president assassinated. They hate him so much they want him to die. Walsh claims that no “sane” person would advocate violence against the president, but as we have seen over the last 7 and a half years, Teapublicans are not sane. They believe False Flag conspiracy theories. They believe the Jade Helm nonsense and think the federal government is opening FEMA internment camps. The current Republican Party is NOT sane and neither is Joe Walsh.

CNN crossed the line last night. Giving Walsh airtime after he threatened to kill the president is unforgivable.

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