CNN Interviews Trump Voters, Discovers They Even More Delusional Than Anyone Could Imagine (VIDEO)

lot has been written about the group of 60+ million Americans who took time out of their busy schedules to vote for Donald Trump. But while pundits spend their time speculating about this these people’s motives (Are they all racist? Are they too dumb to realize Trump is a con? Was it misogyny?), CNN’s Dana Bash figured she’s actually meet with a group of Trump voters and ask them what’s up.

The results are… staggering.

Sitting down with a group of self-described Trump fans, Bash starts by asking them what they make of Trump’s baseless claim that “millions” of “illegal voters” stole the popular vote from him and gave it to Hillary. The claim, which Trump has offered zero proof for, was then debunked by nearly every media organization in the country. It’s been endlessly fact-checked. There is absolutely no way a reasonable person would still believe that this statement was anything but an obvious lie from a man in the middle of an ego crisis.

And yet…

BASH: Where are you getting your information?

TRUMP VOTER: From the media!

BASH: Which media?

TRUMP VOTER: Some of it was CNN, I believe.

BASH: CNN said 3 million illegal people voted in california?

TRUMP VOTER: Well it was all across the media… If CNN didn’t do it, then they were being smart this time…

BASH: *shakes her head in disbelief*

The woman then goes on to stand by the claim that “many people” voted illegally in California. She cited a false claim by Fox News during the election that held that President Obama told undocumented immigrants that “they could vote” in the election. The rest of the group of Trump voters emphatically insist they actually heard Obama say this. (He didn’t.)

So if you’re keeping score, this woman believes Trump’s lie, by citing an imagined consensus in the media, supported by a fake story from Fox News. Forget the country, she isn’t even living in the same universe as the rest of us. Reality holds no meaning for these Trump voters. They live in a fantasy world made up of fake right-wing news, propaganda from Fox, and their own president casually and routinely lying to them. And they’ll support whatever he does.

That’s scary.

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