CNN Hosts Call BS As GOPer Tries To Convince Us Trump Will Write $100 Million Check (VIDEO)

Monday on CNN, Republican National Committee Chief Strategist Sean Spicer tried to convince the anchors that “everything is fine” regarding Trump’s financial situation after reports surfaced showing that his campaign only has $1.3 million in the bank.

I think when you look at the entirety of where our party is at and where our efforts are at combined with the party and the campaign, it’s the Republicans that are far ahead,” Spicer argued to CNN’s Kate Bolduan. “I appreciate everyone’s concern over the state of our party, we’re doing just great.

After delivering his carefully scripted pep talk, co-host John Berman pointed out an embarrassing fact:

He’s got $1.3 million in the bank. There are county commissioners that have that much in the bank right now in a campaign. Are you saying that’s a good place to be?

Spicer replied by kicking spin mode into overdrive and insinuated that Trump would self-fund his general election campaign if that’s what he needs to do:

That’s a false narrative. Donald Trump has largely financed his entire campaign by writing checks, he can continue to do that. If Trump wants to get the number at $100 million, he’ll write a check and pump it up.

“It’s false to say that he has $1.3 million,” he continued. “If he wanted to get that number up in 2 seconds, he just strokes a check and it’s up.

Once the RNC official stepped in his own trap, Bolduan nailed him hard:

Has Trump told you he’s going to write those checks?” Bolduan asked.

“He has the option!” Spicer insisted.

“The option doesn’t matter if he’s not going to use it,” Berman observed.

“That’s a false narrative!” Spicer pleaded. “He has the option to do that. So, to say that the bank account is what it is, is not really reflecting the current.

That’s a false narrative! That’s a false narrative!

Sounds like the RNC and the Trump campaign’s been working on a new line defense against the “liberal” media’s pesky facts.

Despite their protests, the facts don’t change. The New York Times reports that Hillary Clinton has raised more than $28 million in May and war chest is currently over $41 million total. Trump has a staff of about 70 people, compared to Clinton’s 700.

Trump’s not aired any advertisements since he secured the Republican nomination and has yet to book any ads for the summer or fall. In contrast, Clinton has spent nearly $26 million on advertising just in June alone. The former Secretary also has numerous allies producing attack ads against the GOP nominee, whereas Trump doesn’t have the same support (save for Fox News).

In contrast, Clinton has spent nearly $26 million on advertising just in June alone. The former Secretary also has numerous allies producing attack ads against the GOP nominee, whereas Trump doesn’t have the same support (save for Fox News).

In may, Trump raised only $3.1 million and had to borrow $2 million from his personal finances to meet his expenditures.

Trump’s now former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski also tried the spin the campaign’s financial woes:

We are leaner, meaner, more efficient, more effective. Get bigger crowds. Get better coverage,” Mr. Lewandowski said. “If this was the business world, people would be commending Mr. Trump for the way he’s run this campaign.

Proving Lewandowski’s point, Trump trimmed more fat by firing the now former campaign manager on Monday. The billionaire even had security escort him out of Trump Towers.

There are now concerns that major Republican donors are starting to close their wallets to the GOP’s nominee. Conservative super donor Paul Singer, who’s a billionaire hedge fund manager, has decided not to spend a penny to help the GOP elect Trump wanting nothing to do with their nominee.

Meanwhile, more donors appear to be following suit. Billionaire Hewlett Packard chief executive officer, Meg Whitman expressed her frustration with the nominee:

I’ve been on the record with a statement saying I’m not supporting Donald Trump, and that hasn’t changed in four months,” said Whitman, who helped bankroll TV ads against Trump during the Republican primary. She wouldn’t reveal which candidate she’d back in November, and said she didn’t intend to make a decision until later on.

Right now, I’m undecided, and undecided means I’m not doing anything,” said John Rakolta, a Michigan construction company executive who was a top Romney fundraiser. “I haven’t seen that ‘pivot’ that we’d need to see from someone who’s capable of being the next president of the United States.

It’s also reported that Clinton started targeting Republican donors, seeking to further damage the Trump campaign’s financial standing in the fall.

The RNC rep. continued whining adding that it was unfair to report on the Trump campaign’s financial troubles because they are only “down by a touchdown.”

It’s nice to see the RNC’s hired Bagdad Bob as their new public relation’s advisor.

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