CNN Host Surprises Reince Priebus With This Question About What Trump Is Making Him Do (VIDEO)

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is a sad puppy today. Oh, he is trying to put the best spin on things that he possibly can, but there’s no hiding it — Priebus is devastated that Donald Trump will soon become the official presidential nominee of the Republican party.

A very dejected looking Priebus appeared on CNN’s New Day where host Alisyn Camerota discussed the results of the Indiana primary, and how those results pretty much confirm that Trump will head the ticket for the GOP this fall.

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Camerota starts by asking Priebus if he thought that the party would be in this situation a year ago. The chairman tries to put the best face on it he can:

I didn’t, but I don’t think that’s necessarily bad. I think something different, something new is probably good for our party.

Priebus has largely attempted to remain neutral, understanding that as RNC chair, he has to help promote the candidacy of whoever emerges from the Republican primaries, but it is obvious that he would have preferred anyone other than Trump.

Not long ago Trump, believing that Republican officials were conspiring against him, called the nomination process “rigged.” That started a minor war of words between him and the chairman, with Trump saying that Priebus “should be ashamed of himself.” Now Priebus is talking about “party unity” but when you look at him and listen to what he says, you just can’t believe that he is all that enthusiastic about what needs to happen next.

When he is done talking about Republicans, Priebus moves to attacking Hillary Clinton, saying nonsensically that “she’s going to have to win a state” to get the nomination. Camerota points out that Clinton has won the last five out of seven state primaries. “I don’t know,” is his reply.  “She’s going to have to win more than she is.”

The writing is on the wall and Priebus knows it, despite his best attempts to spin things in a positive direction for the GOP. The electoral map doesn’t look good for Republicans and Trump will probably make it harder to flip states from blue to red. Take New York, for example, in Trump’s own state Hillary Clinton won more votes in the Democratic primary than all of the Republicans combined got in their contest. The same thing happened in Maryland. It’s easy for Republicans to dismiss states like those as untouchable for a Republican, but unless they can make inroads in some of those states, a GOP path to victory is very narrow. As Chris Cillizza points out in The Washington Post, all Clinton has to do is take the states that have voted for the Democrat in every election since 1992, add to them Florida, where polls show her leading Trump, and she becomes the next president.

Florida isn’t Democrats’ only path to victory, either. Recent polls have both Clinton and Sanders ahead of Trump in Ohio, a state that no Republican has ever won the presidency without. A Behavior Research Center poll even has Clinton ahead in Arizona, a state that has only voted Democratic once since 1948.

All of those calculations have to be on Priebus’ mind, and Camerota probably sensed that when she wrapped up the interview with this question:

Are you pouring Bailey’s [Irish Cream liqueur] on your breakfast cereal yet?

Priebus replies that he is not, that there is no need for him to do that. But after several months of dealing with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, it is likely that he will be drinking something much stronger, much more often, as November approaches.

Here is Priebus’ interview, via CNN:


Featured image via CNN screen capture

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