CNN Host Nails Republican Flack For Quoting Directly From Trump Campaign Talking Points (VIDEO)

Trump’s former employee Corey Lewandowski has been working for CNN for several months now, after being relieved of his duties as campaign manager for the GOP nominee. But he has never stopped defending his former boss, whose campaign has continued to pay Lewandowski a “severance” package until recently.

On Thursday’s edition of CNN’s New Day, host Alisyn Camerota announced to the audience that the Trump campaign has paid the remainder of the money owed Lewandowski in one lump sum. But from what happened on the same program this morning it looks like Lewandowski is still going to spout Trump’s nonsense. And Camerota caught him doing it.

CNN reported Wednesday that the network had obtained a copy of an internal Trump campaign document advising his surrogates to attack Hillary Clinton by using things against her like her husband’s record of marital infidelity. This came in response to the blowback Trump is receiving over his remarks about former Miss Universe contestant Alicia Machado.

We don’t really know whether Lewandowski got the memo from Trump, or if he obtained it through his position at CNN. But he made use of its contents, and when he did, Camerota made sure everyone knew it.

The conversation centered around the Newsweek report that Trump had conducted business in Cuba at a time when it was illegal for Americans to do so without government approval. Camerota plays a clip of Kurt Eichenwald, who wrote the story, explaining exactly what is alleged to have taken place. When the clip finishes, Camerota asks Lewandowski directly, “Did Mr. Trump do business with Cuba?”

Lewandowski tries to brush it off because it took place eighteen years ago. “But it would still be relevant,” Camerota says.

“Did it take place is the real question,” Lewandowski responds. “We don’t know it took place.”

Then he refers to the “tell-all” book written by former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne that attacked the Clintons.

“This is no different than a Secret Service agent giving a first hand account of what Hillary Clinton is actually like and then being discredited as saying, ‘Wow, this didn’t actually take place as a first-hand account.'”

Lewandowski may have thought he scored a point on that reply, but if so his satisfaction was short-lived. Camerota holds up a few pieces of paper and says with a laugh, “Talking point number 18 here in the talking point memo.”

This looks like what CNN will continue to get from Lewandowski. You can take the boy out of the Trump campaign, but apparently you can’t take the Trump campaign out of the boy.

Here’s the video, via CNN:

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